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Moving machines, whether these are cardboard printing machines, tool machines or other industrial technologies, is a particularly demanding and delicate task.

The moving service we offer is operated by qualified technical personnel, who work in accordance with all current safety regulations. The service can be carried out within the same plant, as well as from one production site to another.

The key steps of this process, which are tailored to respond to the individual features of the job in question, include planning of disassembly and reassembly activities, subsequent installation and the final testing of plants and systems. In particular, the following phases may be included:

  • Report on machine function
  • Logistical organisation of the disassembly and subsequent reassembly of machines
  • Disassembly
  • Moving the machine plant
  • Reassembly
  • Installation
  • Functional testing
  • Final electrical-mechanical functionality report

The move “formula” with “turnkey” mode, then, includes the design and optimisation of the entire layout.