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Retrofitting is the technical practice that involves modernising a corrugated cardboard printing machine in order to ensure that it meets more advanced technical standards.

When deciding whether to proceed with a retrofit on your used machine (whether by Bobst, Texo, Goepfert etc …), you can specify which “unit” you want to improve.

For example: if the offset printing quality delivered by the machine you are working with today does not meet your customers’ needs, you can decide to improve the performance of the print units, achieving better definition.

In addition, retrofitting involves a careful feasibility analysis and a cost/benefit assessment. We are also available to support you during this phase.

In particular, the retrofit operations we can perform are:

  • for Texo brand machines:
    • – Cardan joints
    • – New wheels
    • – Gears with locking assembly
    • – Locking assembly on feed cylinder calliper
    • – Feed cylinder calliper motor
    • – Bench coupling joint
    • – Planetary compensator with locking assemblies
    • – Locking assembly on rubber calliper
    • – New high-tech bearings
    • – Larger wheels for lateral extraction of the print sets
    • – New tanks
    • – Calliper motor with analogue display
    • – Calliper motor with digital display
    • – Anvil cylinder calliper brake
    • – Preset side set-squares and thickness gauges on feed assembly
    • – Recovery register (for systems that already have Elap recovery)
    • – Recovery register (for system that already have Zema recovery)
    • – Replacement of XBT Video with new type


  • for all other machines:
    • – Vacuum transport
    • – New doctor blade
    • – Wheel feed bench
    • – Improve the communication system between units
    • – Replace the PLC no longer being produced
    • – Anvil cylinder calliper motor (Flexo Folder Gluer and Rotary Die Cutters)
    • – Fixed brush and vibrating metal sheet for expulsion of trimmings (Flexo Folder Gluer and Rotary Die Cutters)
    • – Die Cutter Holder Cylinder with quick coupling (Flexo Folder Gluer and Rotary Die Cutters)
    • – Carriage lifting safety device (Stripper-Stacker units)
    • – Pallet transport and automatic positioning (Stripper-Stacker units)
    • – No-stop sheet feeding system (Stripper-Stacker units)