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Our products are unique.

We build machines for the production of corrugated cardboard. Our solutions are all “Made in Italy”, and are distinguished by the high levels of specialist engineering technology they offer, as well as their reliability.

They are unique because they are the product of the ideas of a group of people who have been working in the industry for years, with the ability to grasp the current needs of the market precisely because they know the companies that work within it – from small businesses (box makers) engaged in printing cardboard boxes to large multinationals that require the most from the flexo machines used in production cycles (also referred to as the flexo process).

The ideas of our working group are translated into a full range of machines for corrugated cardboard.

These belong to the range of “units” that constitute the components of a machine, and which are “modular”. So, if you have a used machine, you can decide to replace a single “unit” (for example, a “printing unit”), upgrading the technology you already have and achieving higher quality standards. This practice, also referred to as “retrofitting“, allows you to make a smaller investment whilst renewing your production processes.

The documentation for our packaging machines, whether used or new, is always meticulously prepared, with a focus on clarity and ease of use.

The products we produce are then accompanied by the training service provided to personnel responsible for the use of these machines. Training and education on the products are delivered on the job, as this method renders it both more tangible and more helpful.

HBL - High Board Line with Fixed Units

Star Print is the high-quality High Board Line printing line with fixed print units and independent motors. When the die-cutter group is fitted on the Star Prin...

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RDC - Mobile Units Rotary Die Cutter

RDC Fenice is the modular rotary die cutter with bottom printing. This machine can either be made with a traditional power train with gears (RDC Fenice 1300 and...

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Additional Units

The additional units for existing machines include both printing units to boost production flexibility and transfer units to allow the printed surface to dry pr...

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Used machines

If you are looking for a used machine for cardboard printing, for used Bobst machines (or machines by other brands) and you want to know the prices of these, we...

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