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The mobile transfer unit on rails moving longitudinally and motorised separately is characterised by:

  • A vacuum transport system with a belt-driven sliding surface
  • Flat belts, perforated in the middle; the sheet is held by a row of depressurised holes in the middle of the belt, so the cardboard is no longer aspirated at the side of the belt but in the centre, thereby eliminating the friction with the sheet metal
  • Die cutter holder cylinder servo motor (which is therefore free from the die cutter assembly kinematics)
  • High capacity aspirator
  • Preparation for the installation of dryers
  • Pneumatic closure of the unit, with forced consent
  • Gear position blocking device when the units open
  • Self-levelling lubrication on the left shoulder
  • Centralised, timed lubrication on the right shoulder
  • Bridge for electric connections and compressed air