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The Flexographic printing unit from below, mobile on tracks with independent motorised longitudinal movement characterised by:

  • A new soft-drive transport system comprising a set of perforated belts
  • Quick coupling for the printing plate (Matthews 3-position system)
  • Electronic adjustment and digital reading of the longitudinal register complete with automatic zero point of the longitudinal register
  • Motorised adjustment of the transversal register
  • Inking system with extractable tanks for holding ink
  • Automatic engagement and disengagement of the sequential wired cylinder at the start up and stopping of the feed unit
  • Ceramic wired cylinder
  • Doctor blade
  • Rotation of the wired cylinder by means of an A.C. motor in synchronism with the line’s main motor
  • Semi-automatic double wash with a circuit for the inking system and a second circuit with spray nozzles for the tanks (this device can be used both with the machine at a standstill and when it is producing)
  • Gear position blocking device when the units open
  • Pneumatic closure of the unit, with forced consent
  • Self-levelling lubrication on the left shoulder
  • Centralised, timed lubrication on the right shoulder
  • Bridge for electric connections and compressed air
  • Motorised pressures