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Company Profile

Do decades of experience really matter?

We founded SCM Italy after several decades of experience – two and a half, to be precise.

We are a working group of professionals who, from the ashes of the Texo project – a celebrated Italian company engaged in the production of corrugated cardboard processing machines – have come together with a view to leveraging the expertise gained over the years.

We are skilled at serving our customers – not only because we have the technical skills required to do so, but also because we have been dedicated to meeting their requirements for some time.

We possess in-depth knowledge of the relevant technologies, and we design and implement these with the help of our team. Our control over the entire supply chain enables us to continually improve our standards, achieving ever-increasing levels of performance: we truly are “Made in Italy”, and we represent the continual pursuit of excellence.

So yes – decades of experience really do matter.

Does a multidisciplinary approach really matter?

We are committed to delivering high-efficiency integrated services to the corrugated cardboard industry. But what does it mean? That customers who work with us find all of the necessary professional skills within our team. Our activities are focused on the supply and installation of new systems, on the provision of technical assistance and replacement parts and on “retrofitting” (i.e. upgrading machines to higher standards).

Customers who place their trust in us are find themselves dealing with a company that serves as a global reference point, entirely focused on meeting their production needs.

So yes – a multidisciplinary approach really does matter.

Does satisfying customers who have already placed their trust in us matter?

Our customers include companies of all sizes: we supply to family-run box factories and to globalised multinationals alike. Allow me to tell you about a few products in the slides that follow – while it is true that every story is different, it is also undeniable that we learn from the stories of others.


We have delivered the new Star Print model from the HBL print production line to the prestigious Spanish customer Cartonajes Bernabeu. The line is characterised by the system which enables a rapid change of the ceramic anilox roll, with the magazine on board the Print Unit. The line also boasts vacuum transportation, via a centrifugal vacuum system and toothed belts, as well as a dimension offset system with electronic cam function.


We have performed an electronic retrofit on an Emba machine for a prestigious Italian customer, replacing old electronic components with Allen-Bradley drives. The PLC located in the command console and the PC were also replaced, in order to standardise data communication between all new and old components.


Last month, we carried out several telephone assistance operations, enabling (among other things) two different systems to be restarted, having previously been found to be faulty, resulting in production downtime. The speed of our response and our diagnostic capability has allowed two of our customers to minimise system downtime and get production back up and running quickly.